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Sep. 18th, 2011

New life...

Last Sunday I've finnaly started living with my boyfriend and it has been really good. Obviously we're both feeling tired because many things have changed but our relationship is strong enough to fight all the problems that will appear in our life together. Now we have new responsabilities but it feels so good not to have to lie to my mother and to be to to know that she knows that I'm living with Nuno. Relief is the word that defines my feeling when I think about my mom.

So this week my cousin, also named Nuno (LOL), came to my hometown with his wife after a few years without seeing eachothers to show to our family our recent treasure. My little cousin and our youngest family's member Camila. She's so perfect. She look like a doll! I fell in love with her and it's really sad because they leave today so I know I'm not going to see her for a very long time and when I finally see her, she will be all grown up. I wish all my family could be always close to eachother but different can not allowed that nowadays because of the jobs and living in different towns. Anyway, I'm going to post some photos of her. I couldn't decide for few photos because she's so beautiful so I'm going to post a lot of her =D
Hope you like it!

With her father, my cousin Nuno

The 4 generations of my cousin's wife

With her mother, my cousin's wife Nessa

I know, I've put a lot of them. But tell me, how to decide?

Have a nice Sunday =)

Sep. 6th, 2011

A very important day...

Today my godmother celebrates her 61th birthday!!! I love her so much and she's my second mom. It's such a happy day. Unfortunately, I didn't have time to make her a video to honor her kindness and to show her how grateful I am for her being my life all these years. I'm just going to post one photo that I really like!

This is me and her on vacations 2008

Despite of my godmother's birthday, this is also a very sad day for me and obviously for my godmother and my mother. This was also the day that my grandmother died (my godmother and mother's mom), so I know it's a difficult day for my godmother because she can't celebrate her birthday without thinking in my grandma, but we have to remember also my grandmother because it's still her day. We are going to church for grandma and we'll pray for her rest and we'll remember how she was important to us. She was really important for me and I miss her so much! I still can't overcome her death even though it was five years ago. Still can't make it. It really hard for me not to see her, not to touch her and speak to her. And I think there's always things we wish we could tell and things we regret to tell and I think I'm not in peace because of that and pretty much everything.

This is my grandma in one of my birthdays long time ago

There is one music that really reminds me of her. The lyrics don't coincide literally with everything that reminds me of her, but there are a few things like the fact that I still had so much to say to her and I didn't say it, that there were things that I was upset with her and I thought she was being mean and now I know there was nothing like and she was right, so I feel really bad and the most important is that I don't feel like I deserve the things that I have and I don't think she is proud of the person that I am. Anyway, this is the music.

Have a nice day =)

Aug. 26th, 2011

My Vacations 2011 The Video

Today I've been thinking, since I made so much posts yeterday only of the first week, I've decide that it was better to make the video of the main photos. And it's really better this way because it's already done and I'm going to post it now.

First, I just want to say that these video has two musics that are related to my vacations. We listened these musics every night because of the animation of the hotel and we also danced. They have a choreographer and all children and some adults, including me, my sister and her friend, dance along with them. It was a lot of fun. And since I want to show some of the dance at the end of the second song there is a clip where we are dancing. I identify us so I think you can see perfectly.
The first song is called My number one by Helena Paparizou and the second song is called Danza Kuduro by Don Omar ft Lucenzo.

Hope you like it.

Have a nice rest of day =)

Aug. 25th, 2011

Really? Is this destiny?

Today it's over! LOL! I don't feel like posting again! Really tired! I hope you enjoy it! But there's still so much photos and videos for you to see! So today is another day!

I just want to make this final post to say something to Ana. Everytime I made a post today I was listening to some music and the last one has to be this =SSS This is curse!!!!!!! LOOOL!
Sleep well!

A nice night for all =)
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My vacations Day Nine

This was the last day of Nuno in Albufeira, so I wake up early to help him packing things to go. We still took a pic at the balcony! I love this pic because when I look at it, I feel safe around him! I know it could sound lame... I call romantic!!
Anyway the others photos are at night, one before the dinner and the others after. I didn't take at the beach! Feel really tired of it! LOL!

My vacations Day Eight

That was the day that my parents, my sister and one of my sister's friend came to Albufeira and it was a really bad day because of the weather. It was sad, my boyfriend and I didn't have the last day to enjoy at the beach. Instead of it, we just stood at the balcony watching the rain and the thunderstorm that took our day entirely.
So I'm going to post a video that has some english but I think it's almost portuguese, but again I want to make my portuguese friends laugh because Nuno is so funny! When I finished all my posts about the vacations, I'll post a final video and there you'll see the thurderstorm.

My vacations Day Seven

In this day, we want to do something different which was going to Zoomarine! We haven't been in there for many years so it was so good to reminded it and it has a lot of new funny things!

I'm just going to post these two videos because I want to make my portuguese friends (my mother language) laugh with them. Sorry for the ones who don't understand them =( I'm just going to explain what happenned. My boyfriend is afraid of heights and we just went riding on the giant wheel, so he was really scared,he didn't move, it was really funny, also because we get stucked on top! Hilarious! I know, I'm a bad person, but it was really funny and he also made fun of me because I scream in other things that we went to, but this doesn't matter for my post. =D

My vacations Day Five

Another day at the beach!

At night we went to the Hotel because they always have animation, music and different artists performing. So it was a different night.

My vacations Day Four

On our 4th day, we went to Tavira Island which is a small island that has a river from one side and other has the beach. The weather was good but the sea was anything but calm, so we couldn't even go there. But he lunch in a restaurant in the island and it was nice and the boat trip to the island was pleasant.

Saying goodbye to the island!

My vacations Day Three

Here it goes my third day!

Just being at the beach!

These three are in the marina of Vilamoura. It's a very beautiful place and many boats from many citys of the world dock there!

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