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I'm back!!

Hey you there!

Finally I'm back with so many news, but first my post is about my vacations where I'm going to show the video that I made with all the pics from this summer. This year we went to see dolphins at the ocean and it was awesome! I really enjoyed it and going on that boat that goes so fast it's really funny. I tried to get tanned but again I just go a little bit colour, but at least I've had fun. You'll see photos of our Hotel Alfamar in Algarve with our beach, which is the best (lol) and other stuff, like my hair is now really short compared with what it used to be. I hope all you guys are having a great time with your vacations. Hope you like my video.

The most important new to give you is that my boyfriend Nuno is going to Angola to work. We're going to be separated and it'll be very difficult, but I know that it's going to be a big step in his career and it's good for him. I'm trying not to think about that but from now at anytime they can call him and say that he have to go in few days so I'm always worried. It's really stessful not knowing when he will go. He can go this year, but he can go next year. We're almost sure that it's going to be this year, but again we don't know for sure yet. We must wait patiently for the call!

So I'm going to be stuck in Portugal in our apartment with our two cats and I don't know when I'll go because I have to finish my college and it's been difficult. I hope these next months will be more calm and with good news.


Benvinda ao norte de Portugal!!!!!! Então, estás muito morena? LOL.

Tou normal como podes ver pelo video e pelas fotos no Facebook.
E as tuas férias como estão a correr?