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So many stuff to do...

This month is going to be crazy!! I have so much to do and unfortunately so much money to waste.

First, this next Sunday it's Mother's day in my country so I have to give something to my mom. I thought about a video, but instead of making a video about her since I already did, I'm going to make a video about my grandmother that passed away and I'm going to give to my mom and my aunt (also my godmother), who were her daughters. I think they will like my surprise and they will obviously cry. Not that I want that, but I think it makes sense since it's Mother's day and I'd considered my grandmother like my second mom because she raised me as well as all of her grandsons and my godmother is like my third mom, so I think it will be the perfect gift for this ocasion.

Then, next Tuesday it's my mom's birthday, so I have to buy a real present and for that I have to waste money.

The weekend after I'm going to have a wedding which I'm not as close to be prepared. I didn't decide what to wear or how I'm going put my hair. We'll see, but again we'll have to waste money for the wedding's gift.

After that, on May 25th I'm going to Rock in Rio Lisboa 2012, so I'm going to waste money on gas to travel to Lisbon and obviously on the tickets that I've already paid. On the next day I'm going to pick up my second kitten!!!! I think I didn't tell you guys I'm going to have another cat, but it's true. But I'm so excited and at the same time more money to spend. I think I've almost decided the name. It's a make cat and his name will probably be Willy, dedicated to a movie that I liked a lot when I was a child that I don't know if the original name was "Release Willy" but in portuguese is "Libertem Willy". I'm going to put a little clip (with a music I really don't know it) with photos that the lady sent me with the kittens! I don't know why but I can't upload photos, really weird. They are incredibly cute!

All of this is a lot of money, so I'm a little worried, because me and Nuno are trying to save money but it's difficult with so many bills and other stuff to pay. I hope to survive this month =D

Anyway, this last weekend was wonderful. I traveled to Barcelona and it was fantastic. I'd seen a lot of beautiful monuments like The Holy Family, Parc Guell and Barcelona's Cathedral, but it was so exhaustive because we walked like 8 a 9 hours a day. But it totally worth it! I absolutely loved it!! I hope to make a video soon to show you guys everything that I saw.

Finally, I'm going to put in here the video that I've made for my sister's 16th birthday!!! She's so grown up! I'm really getting old =S
The legends are in portuguese but it's nothing that it0s important to read. So there it goes...


Ok, this post completely reminded me that I have to go and buy a Mother's Day card. I completely and utterly forgot about it, so thanks!!

Enjoy your busy week :)
You're welcome =)

Well, I'll try to enjoy it!