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Back again =D

It's been awile, I know... But so much things happened these past few months and I wasn't feeling the need to post. And I also didn't have time to comment all of your posts and I'm sorry. I'll try to compensate for the lost time.

So why now that I remember to post? Well, two weekends ago was a weekend that I wanted to remember including in here because it was really memorable.

A few weeks ago my boyfriend told me that he really wanted to go see the WRC (World Racing Championship) which was going to be in Fafe (my home town), in a place called Lameirinha that is very popular and everyone that likes this kind of sport, knows this place.
At first I wasn't really wanting to go, but at the end I wanted to make my boyfriend happy and we're going with a big group, so it was going to be a lot of fun.
And it was really funny...  But it was also really exhausting!! We've decided to go by foot to Lameirinha and OMG!!! I don't know how I could arrive there. However, we thought that we were going to go back home by car, but it didn't happen. We've had to go back by foot! Again!!! In whole, we walk in one day 24,12 km (about 38,6 miles). It's a lot, specially because I don't work out a lot! But on the other hand, it felt really good accomplished this, because I didn't think I could do it.
And another detail is that I have to wake up 4.15 am to start going to there at around 5.15 am and I arrive home close to 8.00 pm.
Today I'm still recovering from this weekend but I think it worth it!

So I'm posting a video that I've made from the pics and clips that we took on that day. Some of them are really beautiful and I loved to walk through hills instead of roaf and had contact with nature.

And I'm also happy because I've made my best friend really happy by taking her to her favorite place in the world, her hometown! I'm glad that she've enjoyed so much =)