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At this moment my little cousin Diogo is in the middle of a surgery to the head. He has epilepsy and he doesn't see very well as he can't speak perfectly. He's also hyperactive. I assumed that this surgery will cure him from everything that this disease causes to him. But the only difference that is going to make is that he won't have more convulsions and won't have to take more medication that affects obviously his growth because it's too strong for a boy who's only five years. I thought his view was going to get better and also his speech and hyperactive but everything is going to stay the same and the hyperactivity is going to get worse.
I'm really worried. I hope the surgery goes well and he gets better soon. The surgery started at 8h30 am and will finish at 1h30 pm. After that he will stay at the hospital one week and his recovery will last 4 months. He will have to wear a helmet to protect his head. There are going to be very difficult times.
I feel very anxious for him and his parents and very sad because his grandmother his suffering a lot.
I can only pray for the best!