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This is going to be a quick post because I have to go to a birthday party and I need to be ready at 7h30 pm and I have so much to do!! OMG!!!
But I really needed to make this post to ask all of you a favour!!!
I'm participating on a contest here in my country (Portugal) called Cabelo Pantene (Pantene's Hair) and I really need your vote if I want to unless win the online contest.
So go to www.cabelopantene.pt and make yourself a register and after that look up where it says Galeria and search for Aida Silva. Get your vote on Votar and that's all! Spread this information for all people you know!!! Make me happy please!!! Just kidding =D
Thanks for all your help =)

I'm going to show you my photo here on LJ, so you can decide if you want to vote or not.

Thanks again and have a nice weekend!
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Thank you! It's realy kind! I wish I could think the same!